Coil Build Ratio Calculator

Free calculator for coil builders to measure the wire length needed to clapton various types of core wires. The result given from the calculator will be the ratio of the wrap wire against the core wire. That means if the result is 6, the wrap wire length you need to cut is 6 times against the core. The advantages are you don't need a really long measuring tool, not wasting too many wires, and also not running out of wire while in the middle of claptoning.

Available Build Types
  1. Clapton: Find the length to wrap single core spaced claptons that can be used for Staggered variations.
  2. Staple: Find the length to clapton wrap stacks of ribbons that can be used for Staggerton variations.
  3. Staggered Fused: Find the length to wrap outer clapton for two space claptoned cores.
  4. Tsuka Framed Staple: Find the length of the twisted ribbon wire needed to clapton a framed staple core

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